Russia scores temporary win against US on cybercrime suspect


Russia has won the latest round in a judicial tug-of-war with the US over who should try a Russian cybercrime suspect arrested during a holiday in Greece.

Last week, a panel of judges in the city of Thessaloniki agreed to send Alexander Vinnik to the US to face charges he laundered $4 billion worth in bitcoins.

A different panel of judges accepted Wednesday a Russian extradition request, which followed the initial US one. In Russia, Vinnik is accused of a 667,000-rouble (10,000-euro, $12,000) fraud.

The final decision will rest with Greece’s Justice Minister, once Vinnik, 37, has exhausted the process of appealing his extradition to the US.

Vinnik denies both sets of charges, but said he wants to be tried in Russia. He has appealed his US extradition. [AP]