Survey maps accident hotspots across Greece


A survey of Greece’s road network has mapped the most dangerous spots. 

The survey, compiled from studies carried out between 2011 and 2015 by Egnatia Odos SA that were based on police data on road accidents and on-site inspections, identifies 7,000 accident hotspots.

The studies were funded by the previous National Strategic Reference Framework (known in Greece as ESPA).

According to data seen by Kathimerini, the most dangerous roads are in Central Macedonia and in the suburbs of Athens, particularly in Eastern Attica. Serious problems were also identified on roads in Halkidiki, northern Greece, and Aetoloakarnania, western Greece.

Experts have called for 673 interventions across the country’s road network at an estimated cost of 0.5 billion euros.

Data published earlier this year showed Greece has the EU’s highest rate of deaths due to single-vehicle collisions.

The total number of fatal road accidents in 2016 came to 752, costing 804 lives.