PM reassures Greek American businessmen he is committed to foreign investment


Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has told members of the Greek American business community that Greece is finally coming out of the woods after its protracted financial crisis and is ready to attract foreign investors. 

In a meeting Saturday with Greek American businessmen in Chicago, Tsipras said “the Greek comeback is upon us” and reiterated his government’s commitment to luring foreign investors. He added that changes that have been made to the country’s legal framework will make it easier to invest.

He insisted that he is a champion of foreign investments and underlined that he leads a special task force that has been set up to attract them.

Tsipras also extolled the role and the contribution of the Greek community in the US, which he described as the basis on which Greek-American relations have historically been built. 

In a tweet, he said that "Greeks abroad are our strongest link with the US and the most important ambassador of our country."

The Greek leader will meet with US President Donald Trump in Washington on Tuesday