ND asks for details of reported F-16 deal


The conservative opposition on Wednesday urged the left-led government to provide more information about a reported deal to upgrade the F-16 aircraft in Greece’s Air Force.

Reports put the deal – made public during Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s official trip to the United States – at 2.4 billion dollars, although Defense Minister Panos Kammenos later said the price tag will be lower.

In a statement on Wednesday, New Democracy’s shadow defense minister Vassilis Kikilias said that “upgrading the operational capability of Greece’s F-16 fighter jets is an imperative,” adding however that contradictory remarks by government officials over the agreement suggested that the administration had approached the matter in a haphazard manner.

“The government must as soon as possible inform Parliament on all aspects of the deal as the cost of upgrading the aircraft appears to be exorbitant,” Kikilias said.