Father of slain tax worker calls for probe into cases she had worked on


The father of a 32-year-old tax worker who was murdered in an Athens cemetery on Wednesday has called on the Financial Crimes Unit to look into any suspicious cases his daughter may have worked on.

The 32-year-old’s body was found on Wednesday afternoon in the courtyard of the Athens Second Cemetery in Rizoupoli, western Athens, where she regularly visited the grave of a loved one. She had been stabbed at least four times in the chest and there were signs that she fought with her assailant, police said.

“My daughter worked with SDOE [the Finance Ministry’s Financial Crimes Unit] for about six years and handled heavy-duty cases like the Lagarde list,” said the 32-year-old’s father said, referring to a list of Greeks with large deposits at a bank in Switzerland.

At the time of her death, the 32-year-old, who has been identified as Theodora Zeberi, was working at the Piraeus Tax Authority.

The bereaved father added that he does not know of any serious personal disagreements his daughter may have been involved in and believes her murder to have been carried out by a contract killer.

Responding to the father’s request on Thursday, the head of the Independent Authority for Public Revenues, Giorgos Pitsilis, said that his agency is cooperating with law enforcement authorities investigating the murder.

“We are shocked by the brutal murder,” he said. “I contacted the chief of police last night, as soon as I was informed of this tragic incident, and told him that our services are at the disposal of the Hellenic Police’s law enforcement authorities in order to provide any information that may held solve this heinous crime.”