Syrian terror suspect has ISIS videos and photos on phone, sources reveal


A 32-year-old Syrian man arrested in northern Greece on terrorism-related charges on Thursday, has videos and photographs showing ISIS militants torturing and executing victims, police sources told Kathimerini.

The suspect was arrested after his wife accused him last month of domestic abuse against herself and their underage children, later telling investigators that he was also involved in terrorism.

The additional charge allowed police probing the initial claims to add illegal entry into the country on his sheet, so that he was immediately arrested when checking up on his asylum application at a processing center Alexandroupoli. The suspect and his family entered Greece in June 2016, landing on the Aegean island of Leros, and were staying at a refugee camp on the outskirts of Thessaloniki.

Police sources say the 32-year-old had already been flagged by Greek and foreign special services after claiming during his asylum application hearing that he had been involved with militant groups in Syria and his life was at risk if he remained in the war-torn country. They added that he was not considered high risk.

The 32-year-old on Friday was being questioned by a prosecutor in Alexandroupoli. According to reports, he tried to take his own life while in custody on Thursday night.