Kaminis sketches broad strokes of new center-left party


Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis does not rule out entering a future government coalition should he be elected to lead a new center-left political party next month.

“My position is clear. The center-left has never left the country rudderless,” Kaminis said in an interview with Sunday’s Kathimerini. He added, however, that any such deal would depend on there being consensus on a set of basic priorities: “education, health and jobs for all, as well as reforms in justice and public administration.”

Describing himself as firmly rooted in the tradition of European social democracy, Kaminis said the new party should be expected to gradually transform into a single, albeit pluralist, party. “The timing and exact process will be the subject of debate,” he said.

Kaminis also brushed off criticism of his performance as mayor – a post he has held since 2010. “I wish the country had dealt with the economic and the refugee crisis as [effectively as] the City of Athens has,” he said.

The leadership election is scheduled for November 12, with a possible runoff on November 19 if the first round is inconclusive.