Lawyer refutes client’s testimony over cemetery murder


Following five hours of testimony on Sunday, the lawyer representing the father of a woman found murdered in an Athens cemetery last week, refuted his client’s testimony on Monday.

Apostolos Lytras retracted a statement by his client, Costas Zeberis, who claimed to have coincidentally driven past Athens’s Second Cemetery in his taxi near the time that his 32-year-old daughter Dora was stabbed to death. Zeberis also claimed to have picked up a passenger, a man in his early 30s, who he said he suspected might have been involved.

Speaking on Alpha Radio, Lytras said he disagreed with his client’s previous statements, adding that he had not been consulted at the time. Lytras also remarked that Zeberis had not been called as a defendant, noting that “there will be other witnesses to testify.”