Parties condemn attack on cadets


The assault and injury of seven people, including three army cadets, on Sunday afternoon near Monastiraki Station in central Athens, was widely condemned by political parties on Monday as an act of fascism.

Alternate Citizens’ Protection Minister Nikos Toskas said on Monday that Greece will not tolerate “fascistic mentalities” and decried those that are “banking” on creating a sense of insecurity in Athens.

For its part, ruling SYRIZA called on police to swiftly find and arrest the perpetrators of the attack, while New Democracy’s shadow defense minister, Vassilis Kikilias, visited the cadets at the capital’s 401 Military Hospital on Monday.

Apart from the three cadets, two of whom were hospitalized with fractures, the victims included an army conscript and three other apparently random passers-by, aged 26, 35 and 47.

The attack took place shortly before an anti-fascist demonstration in Syntagma Square. Earlier in the day tensions had broken out in the area following two rival demonstrations – one in support of the right to determine one’s gender identity and the other against it.