Police station in northern Athens comes under hail of Molotovs


Around 10 hooded assailants launched an attack with Molotov cocktails against a police department in Pefki, northern Athens early Thursday morning.

According to police, the perpetrators threw five firebombs at the department located on Konitsis Street and that three cars, including two police vehicles, parked outside, caught fire.

No one was injured in the attack, which occurred shortly after 2 a.m., but a police guard told Skai TV that the perpetrators had an intention to kill.

“They threw Molotovs at a colleague and in the garage so that the entire building would be engulfed in flames, " the guard said, adding that attackers are now using oil in Molotov cocktails so that fire spreads quickly.

“We fear that a colleague or citizen will get killed as attacks against police stations have become an almost daily occurrence,” he said.

Opposition conservative leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who visited the police station, accused the government of indifference and said that he will submit a question in Parliament to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras as to why he “does not let the police do its job.”

“This incident is added to a series of other phenomena, which have a common reference point,” he said, adding that the government was displaying a provocative indifference to the issue of law and order.

Moreover, he said that the enforcement of the law and the security of citizens is an “agenda without ideology.”

“There can be no freedom without security and personally I am determined to restore law and order to the country,” he concluded.