Gov’t pledges to win round notaries on foreclosures


The government is seeking to break the impasse created by Greek notaries who on Monday announced a boycott on property foreclosures, citing fears for their safety amid violent protests. 

As creditors insist on the resumption of foreclosures – in view of Greece’s bailout commitments to reduce the proportion of bad loans held by banks – government sources are insisting that a solution will be found during a meeting over the coming days between notaries and Justice Ministry officials. 

“They will be given the security guarantees that they are seeking,” one government source said. “We believe that, with these guarantees, there will no longer be a reason to continue the boycott of foreclosures.” 

During a media briefing on Tuesday, government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said the matter had been broached at a meeting of eurozone finance ministers in Brussels, adding that the government will soon take initiatives to satisfy the notaries’ demands.