ND calls for Kammenos to quit over Saudi defense deal


New Democracy on Wednesday called for the immediate resignation of Defense Minister Panos Kammenos over the sale of Greek army missiles and bombs to Saudi Arabia.

In a statement, the conservative opposition party called on Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to remove Kammenos from his position at the helm of the Defense Ministry, referring to a "provocative" deal carried out "without a trace of transparency."

Claiming that Kammenos had cut the deal with a "suspicious broker" ND noted that a military prosecutor had intervened on Tuesday following claims by an army officer that the minister signed a 66-million-euro deal with the broker in question "without a trace of transparency and in provocative violation of the law."

Instead of providing explanations, Kammenos had ordered the arrest of the officer because he revealed the truth, the statement added.

Tsipras's responsibility for the affaire is "self-evident and serious," ND said, adding that failure to remove Kammenos from his cabinet would merely serve to confirm his own complicity.