Police on high alert, brace for street clashes


Self-styled anarchists and members of anti-establishment groups appeared intent on Wednesday on creating mayhem with attacks against riot police during the commemorative events to mark the 44th anniversary since the student uprising at the Athens Polytechnic – now known as the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). 

According to reports, dozens of people who had occupied one of the buildings of the NTUA on Wednesday were still there late on Thursday night, while police sources said that they had amassed an arsenal consisting of rocks, hundreds of bottles to make Molotov cocktails and other weapons to use in attacks against riot police units. 

Moreover, police received reports that “weapons” were stored on rooftops of buildings surrounding the NTUA. 

Most of the some 100 occupiers – several from other European countries – took part in the so-called “Uprising Festival” held on the NTUA premises on November 12-14. 

Police believe rioting will begin after the traditional annual protest march to the US Embassy ends this evening.

The fear of trouble has also reportedly prompted some of residents in the area surrounding the NTUA premises to leave their homes and return on Saturday once the dust has hopefully settled.