Greek anger over Schengen checks at German airports


Athens has lodged a demarche with Berlin over increased checks on Greek travelers at German airports that contravene procedures stipulated in the Schengen Agreement. 

The Greek government is reportedly extremely annoyed with the situation but Athens’s protestations to the German government were seen as relatively moderate given that the checks are taking place against the backdrop of negotiations between German political parties to form a government and rising concerns over refugee arrivals. 

Germany claims that, so far in 2017, some 1,000 non-Greeks arrived at German airports from Greece without a Schengen certification. 

According to the Schengen Agreement, citizens of signatory countries can move freely between those states without border checks.

German concerns were further augmented by media reports claiming that some 15,000 refugees and migrants are moving daily through the so-called Balkan corridor from Greece to Germany.

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, who is viewed as possible suitor for the leadership of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in coming years, has been at the forefront, demanding tougher checks on travelers from Greece.

But de Maiziere is not alone, as pressure on the CDU over immigration from the far-right is expected to rise further.