MPs hold a minute’s silence for flood victims, as 5 mln euros for aid released


Greek lawmakers on Friday started a special session of Parliament by observing one minute of silence for the victims of Wednesday’s flash floods in western Attica, which claimed 16 lives.

At the start of the session marking the November 17, 1973, student uprising against the military dictatorship, House speaker Nikos Voutsis said that a discussion would take place to address the causes of the deadly floods.

His statement came as Attica Regional Governor Rena Dourou admitted to Skai TV that a flood control study has been drawn up for the seaside town of Mandra, where the majority of the victims were found dead in their homes, but remains “in the drawer.”

“With the dead are still unburied, this is not the time to start this discussion,” she said when pressed further on the issue.

The Finance Ministry, meanwhile, said it can release 5 million euros in emergency funding to cover some of the needs of hundreds of people left homeless by the bad weather that has struck the country. It is also looking to secure more aid from European Union funds.