Year’s first snow falls on Mount Parnitha


After the strong showers that lashed most parts of Greece and caused deadly floods in western Attica last week, Monday saw temperatures start a downward slide that brought the first snow to the peaks of Mount Parnitha.

Footage from video cameras installed by the Bafi Refuge at altitudes of 1,161 and 1,350 meters and looking out over southeastern Attica, showed snowfall dressing the mountain’s peaks in white on Monday.

According to weather forecasts, a cold front sweeping in from the north will push down temperatures in the center of the Greek capital to a nighttime low of 7 degrees Celsius, while winds will be quite strong at 5 to 7 Beaufort.

The colder weather is adding more urgency to efforts to repair thousands of homes damaged in last week’s flash floods in Mandra and Nea Peramos, which also claimed at least 20 lives.