Two Germans arrested in raid on anarchist squat in Exarchia


Law enforcement authorities in Athens were in communication on Monday with their counterparts in Berlin after the arrest on Sunday of two German nationals during a raid on an anarchist squat in the downtown district of Exarchia.

Two Greeks were also arrested at the evacuation of the Kallidromiou Street squat, one of which has been accused in the past of participation in an urban guerrilla group.

Carried out in the early hours of Sunday, the raid also resulted in the confiscation of dozens of homemade firebombs, gas masks and other materials used by self-styled anarchists in attacks against the police.

Sources suggested that the operation is part of a broader plan to crack down on the anarchist element in Exarchia responsible for almost weekly attacks on police stationed in the neighborhood, among other actions.

The building at 74 Kallidromiou had been occupied by anarchists since October 2016.