PPC workers warn of protests over selloffs


Workers at two Public Power Corporation units that being are being put up for sale as part of the government’s plans to privatize 40 percent of the state-owned company’s lignite-powered plants will be holding two rallies this week and warn of more action to oppose the move.

On Monday, workers at the company’s Florina plant in northern Greece, as well as hundreds of residents whose livelihoods depend on the business, will be gathering outside the factory, while a similar rally will be held on Wednesday at the PPC plant in Megalopoli in the Peloponnese.

Speaking on Skai TV on Friday, the head of the PPC union, GENOP, Giorgos Adamidis, said the government needs to brace for a “tough situation.” “I don’t know whether there will be blackouts… but there will certainly be strikes,” he said.