Rectors condemn latest acts of vandalism at university

Rectors condemn latest acts of vandalism at university

Academic chiefs meeting in Athens for the 86th Rectors’ Summit on Friday condemned the most recent acts of vandalism at a university by anti-establishment and anarchist elements.

The attack occurred on Wednesday at Thessaloniki’s University of Macedonia, when a group of hooded men smashed doors, windows and equipment with tire irons, scaring students and teachers.

“Persistent ailments of the system in combination with loose ideas about democracy and tolerance of crime have allowed [such] phenomena,” said the president of the summit, Athens University of Economics and Business Rector Emmanouil Giakoumakis.

Despite concerns about security at campuses across the country, which come under frequent attack by vandals, the agenda of the rectors’ two-day meeting is expected to be dominated by the Education Ministry’s plan to merge the technical colleges of Athens and Piraeus in order to create a new university for western Attica.