Ruling party ‘will not be terrorized’ by gas canister bomb ‘bullies’


Ruling SYRIZA on Monday said that it will not be “terrorized” after unknown assailants planted a gas canister bomb at its branch office in Ilion, northern Athens.

The ground-floor office was badly damaged, as the assailants broke the front window and placed a cluster of gas canisters in the building’s interior before setting off the charge in the early hours of Monday.

“The attack with an incendiary device on SYRIZA’s office in Ilion constitutes a purely criminal and fascist act,” the ruling leftist party said in an announcement.

“The people of the left will not be terrorized by bullies using underground methods,” it added. “The tough battle of getting the country out of the crisis with society still on its feet will continue and will be successfully completed, despite those who wish the opposite.”