Israeli Embassy condemns rabbi’s comments in wake of Rouvikonas raid


The Embassy of Israel in Athens has condemned controversial comments by Mordechai Frizis, an Israel-based rabbi, following an assault by members of anarchist group Rouvikonas (Greek for Rubicon) on the embassy building on Christmas day.

In a video posted on YouTube on December 26, the former rabbi of the Jewish community of Thessaloniki in northern Greece, denounced Rouvikonas as a group of “filthy and coward bullies,” while claiming that the identity of its members was known to Israeli intelligence.

“Anarcho-communists, we spit on Marx, the traitor, the anti-Semite Jew, and we also spit on Bakunin,” he said.

In a statement, the Israeli embassy condemned the rabbi’s “extreme comments,” adding that they did not reflect the embassy’s official position.

Μembers of the increasingly active group splashed paint at the entrance of the embassy in an early-morning raid. A video of the assault was posted online.