Evidence of neo-Nazi sympathies mounts against squat bombing suspects


The evidence against four young suspected neo-Nazis accused of bombing a far-left squat in Piraeus last August mounted following their arrest on Thursday morning.

Officers of Greece’s counterterrorism unit conducted raids on the homes of the four suspects – aged 18 to 25 – and reportedly discovered flags bearing the Nazi Swastika as well as other paraphernalia pointing to a link with the extreme right.

Investigators found several illegal weapons as well, according to initial reports, while also conducting a raid on a fifth suspect’s home, where they turned up material that could be used to build a makeshift explosive device similar to that used against the “free social space” on Navarchou Voutsi Street in the early hours of August 29.

Sources in the Citizens’ Protection Ministry said the five suspects are thought to belong to an extreme right-wing group calling itself Apella and may be connected to other politically motivated attacks of a similar nature.

One of the suspects was also doing his army service at the time of the attack and may have to face trial in a military court.

No one was injured in the blast at the Piraeus squat, which at the time was organizing an event to commemorate the anniversary of the September 2013 killing of rapper Pavlos Fyssas in nearby Keratsini by a self-professed member of neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party.