Farmers gearing up for road blockades


As has become almost customary at the start of each year, disgruntled farmers on Tuesday warned that they will be rolling out their tractors on the country’s highways next week.

The farmers’ National Roadblock Committee met in the central Greek city of Larissa on Tuesday to discuss its response to fresh austerity measures introduced by the government, which resulted in widespread transport and civil service strikes on Monday and last week.

“The government keeps taking measures that are against us,” said the head of farmers’ groups from Karditsa, Vangelis Boutas. “There is no other path than the path of resistance and unity with other working-class groups.”

Famers in Crete and other parts of the country appeared to back the committee’s decision.

Protracted action by farmers in previous years has led to numerous problems, including major delays in deliveries of goods to and from markets north of Greece.