Rouvikonas steps up action, breaching Finance Ministry

Rouvikonas steps up action, breaching Finance Ministry

There are concerns that the anti-establishment group Rouvikonas (Greek for Rubicon) is stepping its activity after dozens of its members stormed the Finance Ministry building in central Athens on Wednesday. 

About 30 members of the group managed to reach the sixth floor, which hosts the office of Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos, scattering fliers and shouting slogans against the austerity policies implemented by Greece’s leftist-led coalition, particularly new laws imposing restrictions on the rights of unionists and facilitating foreclosures on properties of overindebted Greeks. 

Police officers serving in the minister’s security detail locked the door to the minister’s office. As is usually the case after Rouvikonas raids, there were no arrests. 

Commenting on the lack of action taken by authorities, conservative New Democracy was scathing. “After raids on Parliament, embassies, the Defense Ministry, and the typical apathy shown by the government, we obviously didn’t expect any other reaction after today’s visit by Rouvikonas activists to the Finance Ministry,” ND said. 

“It’s just as well they didn’t call them a taxi to leave in,” it added.

In a statement posted on an anti-establishment website later on Wednesday, Rouvikonas described their latest target as the “lair of the plutocrat minister… the place where incomes, pensions and people’s lives are slaughtered.”

It added that its members would continue to target Greek notaries for conducting property foreclosures. “Wherever they are, whoever they are, we will find them.” 

Rouvikonas is responsible for dozens of acts of vandalism against perceived targets, including state offices, financial agencies, media organizations and businesses.