Police wary of turf war after Stefanakos assassination


Investigators are concerned that the assassination last week of 57-year-old Vassilis Stefanakos in western Athens may spark a turf war between rival gangs, as one of the convictions that had landed him in prison was for running a protection racket.

Police sources expressed these concerns amid mounting evidence suggesting that the assassination of the convict last week was carried out by professionals, likely hired by a business rival.

CCTV footage from a business near the spot where Stefanakos was gunned down in his car after leaving his used car lot showed two men – believed to be the gunman and the getaway driver – on a stolen motorcycle on Athinon Avenue, seemingly waiting for a signal from a suspected third man on the scene acting as a lookout.

On the evening of the attack, meanwhile, Stefanakos was alone in his car, even though he was usually accompanied by at least one bodyguard.