Mitsotakis slams ‘inconceivable tolerance’ of gov’t for anarchist violence


Conservative New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis has referred to "inconceivable tolerance" by the leftist-led government of violence and other worrying phenomena, warning that authorities should not allow the resurgence of a new generation of terrorists in Greece.

Referring to an upcoming furlough to be granted to convicted November 17 hitman Dimitris Koufodinas, Mitsotakis expressed his opposition to the prospect, calling for legislative reform that would exclude "people who have been convicted of such crimes for leaving prison for any reason."

"I will not allow us to see Greece a revival of a new generation of terrorists," he told CNN Greece.

He also condemned what he described as an "inconceivable tolerance of organized violence" emanating from the downtown Exarchia neighborhood of Athens, a traditional anarchist stronghold.

"Today in Exarchia a new breed of 'fighters' is being groomed who could very easily end up being the new generation of terrorists," he said, adding that "the difference between a Molotov cocktail and a Kalashnikov is actually not so big."

He called for a greater police surveillance and crackdown on Exarchia.

Mitsotakis also expressed concern about the apparent tolerance of the government for the rising activity of the Rouvikonas anarchist group. "This must stop," he said.