Police beef up security to halt foreclosure-related attacks


The Hellenic Police (ELAS) has activated a plan to protect notaries from attacks by extremists protesting the auctioning of debtors’ properties.

The main part of the plan consists of increased motorcycle patrols in the downtown Athens areas that have the largest concentration of notarial firms, as well as a system for monitoring threats to specific companies or individuals involved in foreclosures. ELAS has also reserved a force of 144 officers to conduct surveillance on more prominent firms carrying out electronic auctions.

The plan has prompted a reaction from the union of ELAS officers, which argues that it will leave the force short in other areas and that the presence of police will simply stoke protesters’ anger.

Anti-auction groups have staged dozens of attacks on firms and notaries, not only in their offices but also at courts where sales are conducted, using varying degrees of violence.