Kammenos rebuffs reports of ANEL quitting gov’t over Macedonia name dispute


Ahead of a session of the parliamentary group of the rightwing Independent Greeks (ANEL), the party's leader Panos Kammenos, rebuffed reports about ANEL's possible departure from the government over the Macedonia name dispute.

Some reports had suggested that ANEL would leave the government if the agreement reached between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia regarding the latter's name includes the term Macedonia.

"There is no such news," Kammenos said ahead of talks with ANEL MPs.

The ANEL leader, however, has repeatedly stressed in recent days that his party will not back a solution including the term Macedonia.

His MPs have insisted that the coalition is not at risk over the difference of opinion but have not clarified what will happen in the event that a solution they oppose comes to Greece's Parliament.

Commenting earlier in the day, government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos, who belongs to leftist SYRIZA, said that Kammenos has not expressed any intention of leaving the government.