Farmers’ unionists to meet with agriculture minister


Unionists representing Greek farmers who have stepped up their protests in recent weeks over the government’s ongoing austerity measures are to meet with Agriculture Minister Vangelis Apostolou on Monday to discuss their demands.

Over the weekend, hundreds of farmers converged on the northern port city of Thessaloniki to protest outside the annual Agrotica agricultural trade fair.

Vangelis Boutas, the head of the union representing farmers from Karditsa, central Greece, indicated that he did not expect a breakthrough at Monday’s meeting.

“We already know what the minister will say to us but it is our duty to go and submit our demands,” he told farmers protesting in Thessaloniki on Saturday.

Greek farmers have driven their tractors onto road junctions across Greece in recent weeks in protest at high taxes, rising fuel costs, rising social security contributions and seizures of properties and assets due to overdue debts.