Police officers warn ministry one of them may get killed


Police officers are expressing fears that the increase in violence against them in the last few days may lead to a dead police officer or civilian, according to the general secretary of Police Special Guards, Stratos Mavroidakos.

Speaking on Skai, Mavroidakos responded to the criticism by Alternate Minister for Public Order and Citizens Protection Nikos Toskas against the police, saying that “one thing is certain, that in the end the price will be paid by low-ranked police officers; the state has not acknowledged our work.”

“It is a shame as the minister has lost his temper,” the police unionist added, saying that ”at the moment we sound the alarm, so that we do not have a dead colleague or civilian. The situation has gone overboard.”

On Thursday Toskas accused the police of not doing enough to contain the recent wave of violence in Athens and other cities by self-styled anarchists, adding that police officers should refrain from doing favors to political parties.

Mavroidakos responded that there is political tolerance to “troublemakers”, and that dealing with them has become more difficult since the disbanding of the Delta police force by Toskas.

“When you see Rouvikonas members getting released without charges and with the police officers who detained them being scolded, how can the troublemakers be tackled?” he wondered, referring to the members of the anarchist group that has launched a series of protests against state and political party targets.