Greek police arrest five men, confiscate weapons, far-right flags


Greece’s anti-terrorism squad arrested on Tuesday five men suspected of participating in a far-right criminal group and of involvement in arson attacks and explosions.

Police said in a statement they raided eight homes, six in Athens and two in other cities, and confiscated petrol bombs, knives, hunting rifles and material that can be used to make explosives.

They also found digital evidence, books, leaflets and flags with far-right symbols.

One police official said the five men were suspected members of the "Combat 18 Hellas" group. They are expected to appear before a prosecutor on Wednesday.

Greece has a long history of political violence. It experienced a rise in attacks by suspected far-right groups at the height of the country’s financial crisis, its worst in decades, which started in 2010 and has caused the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs. [Reuters]