Neo-Nazi suspects spill the beans about attacks


Three key suspects arrested in the crackdown on a militant neo-Nazi group calling itself Combat 18 Hellas have been giving investigators valuable information on its operation structure and on several attacks against migrants and left-wing activists.

Police say that one suspect, aged 35, said he was the group’s ringleader, running its social media, recruiting members, posting photographs of its actions, picking targets and issuing orders on how those targets should be attacked.

The other two, aged 35 and 44, are described as the group’s “executive arm,” as they were responsible for carrying out attacks and photographing and filming the incidents. Among the attacks they are said to have admitted to are on a migrant squat in the Athens district of Exarchia and on a leftist hangout in Patissia.

The group’s usual method of intimidation was splashing gasoline around the premises of the target and setting it alight or setting off makeshift bombs.