New bill gets tough on ride-hailing services


A draft bill expected to be debated in Parliament in the coming days imposes a series of restrictions on ride-hailing apps such as Uber that will make it difficult for those companies to gain a strong foothold in the Greek market.

The bill was drafted by the Transport Ministry under strong pressure from Greek taxi drivers who have lobbied hard against the presence of Uber and similar companies in Greece. Earlier this week, cabbies stopped drivers they suspected of working for Uber in Athens and vandalized their cars.

The bill foresees several bureaucratic hurdles for drivers wanting to work for ride-hailing apps, limiting them to taking only one passenger every three hours.

The bill gives the transport minister the right to ban a company from continuing to operate in the country in the event that its provisions are violated. Uber, which is not widely used in Greece, has been forced out of several countries, including Denmark and Hungary.