Korydallos guard attacked by inmates


The Justice Ministry is investigating reports according to which a guard at Attica’s high-security Korydallos Prison was attacked by a group of inmates a day after finding contraband items in their cell last week.

According to sources, the guard searched the cell of three Albanian inmates and discovered 250 SIM cards last Thursday.

On Friday night, the guard entrusted with locking the cells informed the guard who had conducted the search  the previous day that the three inmates were refusing to return to their cell.

When he turned up, one of the inmates allegedly threatened him with a knife, while one of the others whipped him with cables.

According to sources, the guard used his radio to call for help but his colleagues did not respond to his appeal, apparently fearing for their own safety.

Further, the other guards allegedly advised him not to file a complaint, fearing reprisals from the inmates.