PAOK president issues written apology


PAOK president Ivan Savvidis has apologized to Greek fans and the world soccer community in a written statement for storming on the pitch during last Sunday's Super League match against AEK while carrying a gun on his waist.

"I would like to apologize to the PAOK supporters,  all Greek supporters and the world soccer community,” he said in the statement issued on Tuesday, adding that “he clearly had no right to go on to the pitch and in the way I did.”

“Believe me I had no intention to have an altercation with the opposing team or the referees. And clearly, I didn't threaten anyone,” he said.

He  blamed his “emotional response” to the negative state of Greek soccer, the referee's actions during the match and the fact that dozens of people from both side stormed on to the pitch. 

The match on Sunday, which was seen a crucial in the race for the Greek title,  was interrupted when the referee disallowed a PAOK goal in the final stages of the game when the score was 0-0 and after Savvidis, along with bodyguards, ran on to the field.