Greeks have less faith in traditional news sources


Greeks have among the highest rates of trust among Europeans in the platforms that spread the most fake news, namely online platforms and social media, according to the latest Eurobarometer survey, which interviewed around 26,000 citizens and was presented on Monday. 

In contrast, Greeks appear to have less trust in traditional news platforms, such as television, radio and print (newspapers and magazines) compared to their fellow Europeans. 

Most European Union citizens surveyed said they perceive traditional media as the most trusted source of news (radio 70 percent, TV 66 percent, print 63 percent) as opposed to Greece where only 57 percent trust radio, 40 percent trust TV and 51 percent trust print as news sources. 

Online sources of news and video-hosting websites are the least trusted sources of news in the EU with a trust rate of 26 percent and 27 percent respectively. 

For their part, around 45 percent of Greeks surveyed said they trust news from online social networks and messaging applications. 

The survey also showed that 83 percent of EU respondents believe the phenomenon of fake news represents a danger to democracy. 

Most Greek respondents (87 percent) believe the same. In addition 85 percent of Europeans believe fake news is is a problem for their country, compared to 90 percent of Greeks.