Multiple vandal attacks said to be in support of jailed anarchists


Hooded hooligans claiming to be acting against the “establishment” staged multiple attacks on various targets in Athens and Thessaloniki on Thursday.

In one such incident, unidentified assailants hurled paint at a lecturer in the University of Piraeus and scattered flyers around the auditorium, later claiming in a post on an anti-establishment website that the action was in protest at the “persecution of anarchists as lone terrorists.”

In another incident on Thursday, vandals smashed windows at two banks on central Athens's Kaningos Square, apparently in response to a police operation earlier in the week to clear out three anarchist squats in the central Athens area.

At the same in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, another group suspended a banner from the third floor office of the ruling leftist SYRIZA party on the corner of Aristotelous and Egnatia streets, expressing support for jailed anarchist suspects known as Irianna and Pericles.

“After strengthening the anti-terrorism laws, the SYRIZA government desperately, blatantly and hypocritically went on to try and show that it is on the side of the innocents being persecuted by the monster the government itself has created,” another post on the same website claimed.