Appeal of anarchists Irianna and Periklis begins in Athens


An Athens court on Wednesday started hearing the appeal of two defendants who were both convicted in June last year to 13 years in prison for participation in a terrorist organization.

The defendants, identified only as Irianna L., aged 30, and Periklis M., 34, have denied any involvement in the urban guerrilla group Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire and have questioned the strength of the evidence used against them in the initial trial.

The case against Irianna in particular, is seen as controversial, as it relies on a single piece of what may be tainted DNA evidence and on her relationship with her husband, who has been acquitted of being a member of the urban terror group.

Amnesty International on Wednesday issued an announcement calling on judicial authorities to ensure that the defendant is granted due process and that the presumption of innocence is upheld.

The hearing started with her husband's testimony and will continue with the same witness when the court reconvenes on May 10.