Five schoolgirls’ illicit drive ends tragically

A schoolgirl who had borrowed her parents’ car to take a group of friends for a ride on Saturday crashed the vehicle, killing one of her passengers and injuring all the rest. Police said the accident took place on a dirt road near the five girls’ home village of Kapnochori, some 25 kilometers (16 miles) northeast of Kozani in northern Greece. The 16-year-old driver, Sophia Savvidou, lost control of the car which overturned, killing Nina Havrenkova, 16. The driver escaped with light injuries, while her 15-year-old sister Maria was hospitalized in serious condition. Havrenkova’s 14-year-old sister and a 15-year-old friend were not badly hurt. Police were seeking to establish how the girls got hold of the car. The minimum legal age for driving a car in Greece is 18, although this is often flouted in rural areas.