Bahceli: ‘We may also grind our teeth and pull theirs out’


A day after a Turkish coast guard helicopter flew around the perimeter of Ro at a low altitude, prompting a response from troops stationed on the eastern Aegean islet, the leader of Turkey’s nationalist MHP opposition party Devlet Bahceli attacked Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos warning him against provoking “a repeat of history.”

“He’s forgotten of the days when they were chased into the sea… If that’s what they want, a repeat of history would be a piece of cake for us,” Bahceli told party lawmakers.

“The Greek defense minister appears affected by mythology: he is envious of Zeus, imitates Apolo and aspires to be Poseidon. If he’s asleep he needs to wake up, if he’s having a hysterical crisis he should go to a clinic,” he said.

“[Greece’s] irresponsible politicians are gnashing their teeth… If necessary, we may also grind our teeth and pull theirs out,” he said.