Court clears doctors called to treat a corpse

Two doctors at a rural health center were acquitted of manslaughter yesterday after a court in northern Greece ruled that a woman had died hours before her husband called for an ambulance. The prosecutor at the Ioannina court that cleared the two suspects ordered an investigation into whether the husband should be charged with desecrating a corpse, making false accusations and perjury. Earlier, the court accepted evidence that Freideriki Micha, 52, had bled to death in her house in the village of Koronopoulo, near Preveza, at least three hours before her husband, Giorgos, phoned for an ambulance. Michas then drove the corpse to the local health center, apparently in the hope of suing the doctors for sizable damages. He had accused the doctors of refusing to treat his wife, and the ambulance service of ignoring his call.