Ticket dodgers trapped after metro barriers activated


There was panic on Tuesday at the Ambelokipi metro station after fare-dodging commuters were trapped due to the activation of ticket barriers. 

“I thought there was a fire,” a 42-year-old woman told Kathimerini referring to the large number of ticketless people looking for a way out of the station and trying to avoid ticket inspectors. The fare dodgers had boarded trains at stations where barriers had not been activated. 

“But then I realized I had nothing to fear because I had a ticket,” the same woman said. 

Most of the ticketless travelers scrambled to get through the one gate that remained open for the unemployed and people with special needs. 

Although their number has fallen, some people still refuse to pay their way. 

Only 32 out of a total of 65 stations on the metro network have activated their ticket barriers so far.