Kouroublis: case of Greek soldiers to be addressed after Turkish polls


The case regarding the prolonged detention in Turkey of two Greek soldiers is unlikely to be addressed until after scheduled elections in Turkey on June 24, Greece's Shipping Minister Panagiotis Kouroublis told Skai on Wednesday.

"Afterwards, I believe a solution will be found," he said. "I expect that after [the elections] there will be no value for what they're doing," Kouroublis said, apparently referring to the detention in a Turkish prison of the two Greek soldiers.

"They is not going to provoke an incident," the minister said, noting that an "accident" would end up having a detrimental impact on Turkey with domestic repercussions.

"There is a type of balance of fear between Greece and Turkey," he added.

He added that Greek military authorities are "calm and decisive," noting however that 'there is always a limit which should not be crossed by Turkey."