Desecration of Jewish graves strongly condemned


Greek political parties have expressed their disgust over the desecration of Jewish graves at the 3rd Cemetery of Nikaia in Athens on Friday.

“Anti-Semitism, and all forms of racism, has no place in Greek society,” a statement by ruling Syriza read.

“We will not allow the diffusion of racial hatred by those who feel nostalgia for Hitler,” it added.

New Democracy also expressed its disgust, saying that “unfortunately the vandalism was not an isolated incident” as a string of such attacks have taken place against Jewish graves and Holocaust monuments in recent years. 

For its part, Greece’s General Secretariat for Human Rights expressed its abhorrence” saying that “such incidents of hate are a challenge to human dignity and adversely affect society as a whole.”

“The current government has shown in practice that it has one position on racism and racist violence: zero tolerance,” it said.

According to police, around 10 marble tombstones were smashed.