Convicts who escaped in Piraeus port were serving life sentences


The two convicted felons who escaped on Wednesday during their transfer from Korydallos prison to the port of Piraeus where serving life sentences, one of whom for murder, according to information.

The two Albanians are believed to have escaped as they were being led, along with nine other men, from the police van to the ferry which would transfer them to Chania, Crete, where they would serve their sentence in another prison.

One of the escapees is believed to be 35-year-old Halili Juliano, or “Niko,” who was arrested for the contract killing of an Albanian national and his two-year-old daughter in the Peloponnese in 2011. The order for the hit was given by another convict named Vassilis Varelas. 

Two more prisoners attempted to flee but were soon recaptured by a policeman and a coast guard official.