Storms and hail pound Thessaloniki, roads and basements flooded


Thessaloniki’s fire department received more than 300 emergency calls to pump water from flooded basements, ground-floor apartments and shops after a storm and hail pounded the city on Thursday.

Fire department operations coordinator for Northern Greece, Nathanail Rigas, who spoke to the state-run Athens-Macedonian News Agency, said the volume of water flooded roads and buildings, including Thessaloniki’s iconic White Tower, cut power supply and trapped vehicles around the city.

Fire department crews freed four people trapped in their cars on the Agion Panton bridge, along with a woman who had been swept away by water in Sykies.

At the the city’s Macedonia Airport, lightining forced authorities to suspend the refuelling of aircraft for security reasons for seven minutes and short flight delays occurred, but the airport is now back in full operation, Fraport Greece spokesman Yannis Papazoglou told ANA-MPA.