Prosecutor to probe crime at Athens park, anarchist threats


Athens prosecutor Ilias Zagoreos launched an investigation on Thursday into claims by residents of the area around the Pedion tou Areos park in downtown Athens regarding drug dealing and other criminal activities and a parallel probe into threats against an actress and mayor who have supported the residents’ campaign. 

Locals have long complained about criminality in the park and are now seeking a legal crackdown as the situation in the park is said to be deteriorating. 

Zagoreos is also to investigate threats on posters that have been put up in the area by an anarchist group describing protesting locals as “petty bourgeois idiots” and accusing them of “veiled racism” for seeking the removal of drug dealers from the park.

They also hit out at at actress Mimi Denisi, who has attended residents’ protests and initiatives, and Maroussi Mayor Giorgos Patoulis, who has backed their cause