Third anarchist group demands furlough for N17 terrorist in new stunt


In the third such incident on Monday, 20 members of an anti-establishment group stormed into the offices of SYRIZA’s prefectural committee in the city of Volos and remained there, demanding that jailed November 17 terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas is granted a furlough.

Speaking through a microphone, members of the group that calls itself the “Initiative for the granting a furlough,” spoke of an “unprecedented manipulation by the judicial junta to terrorize even sections of the state apparatus that do not align with its demands.”

Koufodinas, who is serving 11 life sentences for his role in the N17 terrorist group, went on hunger strike on March 30 demanding regular furloughs and the abolition of the Supreme Court prosecutor’s veto power over his requests for prison leave.

Shortly after 10 a.m. this morning, members of an unknown anti-establishment group burst into the building housing the Hellenic American Union (HAU) in Thessaloniki, sprayed slogans on the walls in support of Koufodinas and threw flyers.

This followed an earlier stunt by 20 members of anarchist group Rouvikonas, who attempted to barge into the Citizens Protection Ministry but were prevented by the ministry’s guards. The members of Rouvikonas were detained.