State Department on N17 hitman’s furlough: ‘Terrorists should not get a vacation from jail’


The US State Department said on Tuesday it deplored the new prison leave granted by Greek authorities to convicted November 17 hitman Dimitris Koufodinas, saying terrorists should not “get a vacation."

“We would once again like to condemn the release of a convicted terrorist,” State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert told journalists at regular press briefing on Tuesday.

Nauert reminded that Koufodinas has been convicted of multiple murders, including that of the US embassy Defence Attache William Nordeen in 1988 and US Air Force Sergeant Ronald Stewart in 1991.

“These furloughs serve as an incentive for his followers to commit further violent and destructive acts in his name. Our embassy in Athens has conveyed our serious concerns about this decision to the Greek government. Terrorists should not get a vacation from jail,” she added.

Koufodinas, who is serving 11 life sentences for his role in the terrorist group, was released after he went on hunger strike for almost two weeks.