Potami drops out of Movement for Change alliance

Potami drops out of Movement for Change alliance

A sweeping majority of lawmakers with centrist party To Potami voted on Sunday to drop out of the Movement for Change (KINAL) just a few months after the alliance spearheaded by socialist PASOK was founded.

With a vote of 97 in favor and 16 against the motion to leave KINAL, Potami’s MPs adopted the position put forward by chief Stavros Theodorakis in his keynote speech to a meeting of party officials in Athens.

Theodorakis also dimissed rumors that his party is considering the possibility of joining forces with SYRIZA in the event that the ruling leftist party’s coalition with the nationalist Independent Greeks collapses. He added that a colaition with conservative New Democracy is also not in the cards.

Rifts have appeared between PASOK and To Potami over a number of hot-button issues and most recently over Athens’s name deal with Skopje.

Movement for Change was founded in March as an alliance between socialist PASOK, To Potami, Democratic Left and several smaller parties affiliated to the Democratic Allignment intended to reinvigorate the center-left. The alliance, which is effectively ended by Potami’s departure, is headed by PASOK chief Fofi Gennimata.